Time of Awakening

Is Something Changing or Shifting for You? 

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As we are phasing through the Shift, many people are having weird experiences. You are not weird. The Shift is an ongoing process which is affecting the whole planet, while we are subjected to "spiritual forces" all over. This can impact us in different ways. Some people are consciously aware of it - others are not, and some are awakening. We all take part in this Shift no matter what.

We may feel something is “in the air” without being able to pinpoint what that is, where the "next wave" is coming from, or why it makes us feel this or that way? Some call it "spiritual awakening" - as we move through the waves towards new ways of being human.

The shifting process – from the lives we live or how we feel (about them) - to the uncanny ways of the world can be quite intense, as the Shift slowly transforms our so-called "human-ness". It is about becoming something more or different while the world wiggles and turns as part of what we call life. 

As it happens, it can feel like something is "hovering over our head" as we wake up (in the morning), or we may "go down" with fatigue or "flue". It may have highs and lows while we move from one level to another. I may affect jobs and relationships, locations and aspirations. If that is happening for you - you are on track...
As the saying goes, we are not mere physical beings having a spiritual experience, but spiritual beings having a(n extraordinary) physical experience. Indeed, something unusual might be going on as we awaken to this. And if so, you are here reading at the right place at the right time....

How is the Shift?

The shift happens on individual and collective levels with(in) the world around us...

Personally:  Many people are having feelings of excitement, anxiety, restlessness, impatience, anger or overwhelm. For each, the Shift can be about undoing parts within us that are ruled by old beliefs, concepts, ideas and fears. It is identifying hidden parts which are (feeling) off or painful. In short, the ego is being dismantled along with many controlling and dominating parts of our culture. Wounds or suppressed emotions that we have ignored can surface in order to be named, healed or released with love and compassion so that we can find a new place or state of serenity, empowerment and peace.

Collectively:  For the world, the dismantling is about allowing the controlling, alienating parts of our collective mindset, consciousness, society and culture to release broken, hurting, separated, wounded, dysfunctional parts of the world that needs to unite in love, compassion, oneness, collaboration and peace.

Of course this is a major undertaking or ordeal that does not happen overnight, but nobody said trans-formation would be instant or easy. To morph into something new through conscious (r)evolution can be painful and/or filled with excitement simultaneously like the birth of a baby or a new dawn.

Where are you in the Shift?

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