Welcome to the Shift of the Ages - A Time Like No Other!

Have you been wondering about Dec 21 2012 and the Mayan End Prophecy? 

This period of change, transformation, awakening and renewal is heating up the "atmosphere". It is quite literally the hottest time for our planet. It is also in the air we breathe. Let's call it BIG time. While the physical aspects like quakes, climate and other Earth changes - are all clearly visible - many people are sensing "the invisible" - that something profound is indeed happening or going to happen at this time. Is it any wonder then if people sometimes feel uncertain or anxious about the prophecy? 

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The 2012 era is unprecedented ( guide book)

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If you have been searching for real answers to questions about the legendary 2012 Mayan Prophecy and what it signifies, it is HERE. As the Mayan Long Count Calendar ends, many things in the world will continue to change, buckle and shift. It is going to rock the boat - meaning the personal and collective world as you/we have to come to know it - through 2012 and beyond. Discover what it is all about and how this all relates to you....

The Mayan prophecy is not harboring an Armageddon of doom - like in the 2012-Hollywood movie. It is about how this "end time" should be honored, respected and acknowledged for what it really is. The universe has a message for us - learn to live with spirit!  It is not inviting us to move like turtles, but is demanding significant changes all over the place. This is becoming more and more evident through the religious, political, social, economic, environmental upheavals and crisis occurring around the world and our planet right now, such as:

     - Earth quakes, volcanic eruptions, climate and other Earth changes
- Our weak economies (the U.S. and European financial systems)
- The power balance shifting from West to East (India and China)
- Uprising in the Middle East (against patriarchal regimes)
- Leaders not addressing climate and other immediate concerns enough 
People experiencing life shifts and consciousness changes

Have you noticed?
Whether we believe in the above being associated with the legendary Mayan end prophecy or not - there's some reality to look at for sure. So, how are we going to deal with it all? Pretending that everything is perfectly normal or going to stay the same is probably not a good idea. If you are one person wondering what the heck is up, you are not alone. 

What Can You/We Do?
We have to stay tuned and alert to realize what is really going on before the shift whacks us upside the head. We need to become more aware of who we really are and what we are undergoing during the Shift and what is real-ity?

We can no longer afford to live in ignorance about the fact that you/we create our world. Apart from personal agendas or survival issues we need to address some of the challenges and problems that are interwoven with the whole fabric of human life and civilization.

A Shake Up or Wake Up Call?
If our world is going through a shake-up or wake-up call, is it because we are at crossroads - a moment in time where life, as we have come to know it is in for an overhaul? 

Each of us are given a rare opportunity at this time to awaken to our true human potential. It is about understanding who we are and awareness of why we are here, how we can evolve and move forward in life. Just go within any moment and ask yourself "what is the truth here - how does this or that relate"? Does it make sense? Is this really all there is to it? Monitoring our thoughts, emotions, beliefs and feelings can be a great way to live more consciously, to separate right from wrong and turn what is false into true. Enough said about our world and fiction.

"The world is round and the place which may seem like the end may also be the beginning."

- Ivy Baker Pries

Clearing Out the Old
Clearing out old mindsets and beliefs, is about how we can release outdated ways of thinking, being or living that no longer truly serve us. A change of mind allows us to see new perspectives even if we at first find them hard to accept. If we cannot "see it" we might perceive or feel it. It does not help sitting on the sidelines or fences wondering when the world is going to end or when we are going to "die". Fear derives us the power to seize the moment to do what is right.

Understanding the Great Shift
It does not matter where you are in life, starting high school or college, in the middle of your career, or family, winding down your role as a parent or embarking on a retirement plan. You can learn to use this unprecedented time, that will never come again, as it is bound to make its mark and impact us in the years to come... 

Here are some questions to think about:

 - Are you feeling a bit "edgy" sometimes? 
- Feeling empowered or dis-empowered? 
- Have you experienced unusual events?
- Are your relationships changing?
- Are you considering moves? 
- What about abundance? 
- Finding love & passion?

These are just some themes that might be raised by the Shift. What you/we do or do not at this time makes the difference....so why not get and use the guide book!


Look to this day for it is life

the very best of life

in its brief course lie all

the realities and truths of existence

the joy of growth

the splendor of action

the glory of power

For yesterday is but a memory

and tomorrow is only a vision

but today if well-lived,

makes every yesterday a memory of happiness

and every tomorrow a vision of hope

look therefore to this day.
       - Kalidasa

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The 2012 Shift of the Ages - Between Two World Ages

December 21 2012 marked one of the most important transition points in our human history. We are living in a time of great change significant to cultures, religions, scientists and spiritual seekers alike. The Mayan Prophecy about the "end time" is our fate or destiny....

Never before has a time in history been anticipated by so many people and seekers alike. Make no mistake about it, what is happening has been planned & determined by the universe itself. The Mayan Prophecy about the Shift is real...

The universally heralded and perceptual “Shift of the Ages” is changing our inner and outer world. In this sense we  may find ourselves “in between” worlds, ages or eras. As we pass from one to another, the transitional crossroads, choice or change point has a way of "sorting" us or "grouping" us together leading to some kind of crescendo type of finish. We can fear, love or hate it, but the Shift is here to teach us some important "spiritual lessons".

It is activating people’s "spiritual" skills. That does not mean we will suddenly all experience a greater or better reality, that there will suddenly be "peace on earth" or that there'll be no conflicts or problems...but it does mean that we have a much better chance of growing spiritually and become more aware of who we really are in order to shape the future ahead in a way that may bring humanity and people together.

On a personal level it can be about finding new friends and allies that are aligned with our path, aspirations as we question old ways of life. It is the same kind of energy that has caused "riots in the streets" in the Islamic part of the world, and instability in Europe or America because people are no longer willing to succumb to "old systems" where they have nothing saying about it at all. On a global scale it really boils down to who we want to be our "true leaders" or how to get to the next stage of our human civilization, with a different culture or society.

End or New Beginning
Let's hope it's all going to work out - for the better - without too many problems or conflicts, but somehow it is probably not going to go that way or the ways most people think it will... because modern life has little room or place for the Big Spirit which is here now to teach us some important spiritual lessons...if we care to listen.

If it appears to be "stepping us back" for a period of time......maybe it is because we need to re-examine who we are, where we stand or  want to go based on our human values, and (inter)actions....which are sometimes misdirected in the sense that they are not for the common, highest good if they are only serving the ego's pleasures, where nobody cares about others or the world we all live in.

If we are seeing many old systems, established structures that we have relied on in the past start to crumble, often in an unexpected way - it is because they need to change and better reflect the people or a new world that is in the process of being born. So, it is getting, to the "New" Earth, or whatever you want to call it - that is going to be a bit of a problem... 

"If there is to be peace in the world, There must be peace in the nations. If there is to be peace in the nations, There must be peace in the cities. If there is to be peace in the cities, There must be peace between neighbors. If there is to be peace between neighbors, There must be peace in the home. If there is to be peace in the home, There must be peace in the heart." ~Lao Tse

The key to it all is really quite simple. It is being able to love one another and respect the planet. After all, this is our (shared) home. We need to understand there is enough for all of our needs, but not enough for all of our "greedy" egos...Does it not seem insane to suffer all this (global) madness just to learn, that deep down within us, we are really all the same wanting or needing similar things...like food, shelter, work, human development and stuff? If we are all cells of the same Greater Body or Being - who knows - perhaps when we see how "mankind" fails to solve its problems or challenges (like climate change) - we just might reach out to the Big Spirit who will open our eyes & make things right once again...!?

Essentially, how the world moves on during the Shift depends on each and every one of us; our willingness and ability to make changes or commitments, big or small, whomever or wherever we are. We cannot solemnly rely on our governments or leaders to do the needed (spiritual) growth work for us. Only we as individuals can make that decisive transition. So, perhaps this is what all this "shifting paradigms, times or eras " in between two worlds" is going to be all about...

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Mayan End Prophecy - Part One

“Without darkness nothing comes to birth, as without light nothing flowers” - Anonymous

Mayan Calendar crop circle in UK. Photo credit: Lucy Pringle

And who made this? 

Please note; the Shift of the Ages seems to arrive in 2 parts - the pre-shift and the post shift.
Time is not a linear construct, but experienced or perceived relatively.

Excerpt from the 5 star reviews guidebook: "The Shift of the Ages through 2012 and Beyond":


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What Are the Mayan Predictions About?
The winter solstice on December 21 2012 - precisely at 11:11
AM Universal Time - is not a simple, linear end-point in time.
Following Mayan concepts of cyclic time and World Age transitions, it
was considered to signify the completion of a World Age Cycle.

Mayan timekeepers believe that human evolution unfolds as a result
of such precisely calibrated master cycles of time. They predict that the
Earth and humanity are about to be birthed into a new age or reality predicated
to cause a dramatic change or advance if we can understand its meaning in consciousness.
What this new cycle over a period of time has in store for us, is yet a mystery
that will be revealed and experienced as it unfolds...

The Maya
The Maya had a very different civilization than ours. They were not crystal ball gazing
knowing exactly what would happen. Would it mean " end of the world 2012 "?
Well, of course not, but human population is growing at an accelerated
pace while our climate, environment, economies and ecosystems are out of balance.
We rely as peoples worldwide on them to survive. The old world’s mentality,
focused on greed, ignorance, and unconscious consumer materialism,
has reached dangerous peaks and cannot continue for another 50-100
years without life on our planet slowly collapsing. We can also see that
our financial or monetary systems are dissolving.

In this way we are already at a collective cross-road, a moment in time
that is calling out to (each of) us to participate in new ways. Some say we are
being summoned to our true potential or capacity as human beings to bring
inspiration, leadership and empowerment and transforming to our human
civilization to be one of greater harmony – starting with(in) ourselves,
while reaching out to others and Mother Nature as well, the necessity
or possibility for change is certainly at our fingertips like never before,
right now...

Together with spiritual understanding or awakening are perhaps
the most important themes if we are to become more
conscious and aware also of who we are and how
we can participate directly in this transformation process,
from the energies we transmit to the details of our lifestyle
choices. If it is a time where we are catalyzed to awaken to our
personal and collective responsibilities, and have to learn to unify our
purpose with the greater planetary equation beyond the 2012 calendar.

By recognizing we are in an unprecedented global time of change - we can
simultaneously shake off any wounded victim mentality we might have,
and possibly arise as way showers and caretakers of our planet
or future generations. It is about growing up as human beings
and becoming aware of the responsibility we have in order and do the
necessary ground work to birth a New Earth based on new consciousness
that future generations might follow. We can ignore it or try to brush it off
but the more we do, the more we will be wasting precious time.

Are We Approaching the "End of the World?"
 It is said by Mayan elders that the world we are ending is the world as
“we have come to know it” as we return to who we really are.
 The term “End Age or Era” is also linked with another association;
of heralding a time of "trials by fire" or the "end of linear time". No
one can say for sure how valid these claims are or may be.
Considering the scientific research on the Mayan prophecies,
many of the "end of the world" concepts are based more on fear
than on what will actually transpire.
The more conscious we become of the non-linear, 
nature of existence, the more rapidly we may evolve beyond the
 linear end time paradigm. According to the Mayan Calendar system,
it helps that our attention is now brought to the 2012 shift phenomenon.

Beyond 2012 Movies
With regards to the ever-increasing attention on the December 21
2012 date and the popular fascination with the "end of the world"
scenario, it is important to realize that such fantasies are perhaps
projected from our collective psyche. There is an idea or a sense of an
impending retaliation or doom that might come down from Heaven as
an act or will of God to punish us for our sins or misguided human
behaviors as a species. It could also be a collective projection relating
to an old cataclysmic event we may have experienced in a distant past.

Time of Change and Challenge
While it is clear we are living in times of great uncertainty or
imbalance, we also need to stop terrorizing ourselves by spreading
hysteria or rumors that do not assist us in rising to the changes  or
challenges, we are facing. Fear is a primordial trait of our human nature
based on how vulnerable or fragile we are. We need to get our heads out
of the ground and understand that if we allow too much fear mongering
to enter our thoughts, we can easily become shut down, delusional or
reactionary in ways that feed the fear rather than motivate us through
greater discernment and awareness of life and what is to come.

The Looking Glass
When we contemplate what the world might look like way beyond
2012, let us be clear that no one can predict the specifics of how things
will unfold. There is not one path or way that will lead or take us there.
To navigate these critical times of change on Earth, we should learn to follow our
inspirations, for they are our purest guides and can help us in
turning potential chaotic events or destructive paths into something different.

Whether the transformation and changes will come gradually or swiftly,
be positive or negative, depends to a great degree or extent on us.
Any re-booting of our times will not so much come from a date on the
Mayan calendar itself, but from the level of awareness and consciousness
which transforms and transcends the present one which humanity has
"risen up to during the end times”. As we are part of the planet, the shift
is also a part of us.

This is where we are now, collectively and individually...Are you ready?


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The sky is dark-blue
Colored in bright hue
Crystallizing rainbows  
Where Earth meets Heaven

People sigh, creatures fly
In awe, fear and delight
As the new dawn breaks
The vast, open horizon

Stretching endlessly
Over lands and times
To the end of the world

As they have known it


Out of fear

How often do we do something out of fear - or to get out of fear? It is a human trait as we replay the past now or get caught up in future worries. It matters not what the fear is about, but whether the fear is real or a simple mindless projection in this fascinating time of change, where fear rules the day for many. All that matters is which emotion rules (y)our life? FEAR, False-Evidence-Appearing-Real or Love? That is the question considering the end of the world or the end of the fearful world as we have come to know it. Love is the message of hope, we can all share, unconditionally, and feel fine.... 



                                                               The end of the world


Change - the Challenge

Humans don't like change or maybe they just prefer not to change, but what is change really? Why do we fear, love or hate it? What is the challenge about? Is it something inner or outer? We see or might want changes as we look at the state of the world, and be tempted to look for it externally, but what if the only place we can be sure of change lies inside? This idea or notion is something many people are going to question. How can we possibly change our world from within if we are separated? If this is an optical illusion, and we are all part of the grand scheme of things, could it be that the changes WE make, can really change the ways of our world?

Unlock and see what happens

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Time of Awakening

Is Something Changing or Shifting for You? 

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As we are phasing through the Shift, many people are having weird experiences. You are not weird. The Shift is an ongoing process which is affecting the whole planet, while we are subjected to "spiritual forces" all over. This can impact us in different ways. Some people are consciously aware of it - others are not, and some are awakening. We all take part in this Shift no matter what.

We may feel something is “in the air” without being able to pinpoint what that is, where the "next wave" is coming from, or why it makes us feel this or that way? Some call it "spiritual awakening" - as we move through the waves towards new ways of being human.

The shifting process – from the lives we live or how we feel (about them) - to the uncanny ways of the world can be quite intense, as the Shift slowly transforms our so-called "human-ness". It is about becoming something more or different while the world wiggles and turns as part of what we call life. 

As it happens, it can feel like something is "hovering over our head" as we wake up (in the morning), or we may "go down" with fatigue or "flue". It may have highs and lows while we move from one level to another. I may affect jobs and relationships, locations and aspirations. If that is happening for you - you are on track...
As the saying goes, we are not mere physical beings having a spiritual experience, but spiritual beings having a(n extraordinary) physical experience. Indeed, something unusual might be going on as we awaken to this. And if so, you are here reading at the right place at the right time....

How is the Shift?

The shift happens on individual and collective levels with(in) the world around us...

Personally:  Many people are having feelings of excitement, anxiety, restlessness, impatience, anger or overwhelm. For each, the Shift can be about undoing parts within us that are ruled by old beliefs, concepts, ideas and fears. It is identifying hidden parts which are (feeling) off or painful. In short, the ego is being dismantled along with many controlling and dominating parts of our culture. Wounds or suppressed emotions that we have ignored can surface in order to be named, healed or released with love and compassion so that we can find a new place or state of serenity, empowerment and peace.

Collectively:  For the world, the dismantling is about allowing the controlling, alienating parts of our collective mindset, consciousness, society and culture to release broken, hurting, separated, wounded, dysfunctional parts of the world that needs to unite in love, compassion, oneness, collaboration and peace.

Of course this is a major undertaking or ordeal that does not happen overnight, but nobody said trans-formation would be instant or easy. To morph into something new through conscious (r)evolution can be painful and/or filled with excitement simultaneously like the birth of a baby or a new dawn.

Where are you in the Shift?

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