Mayan End Prophecy - Part One

“Without darkness nothing comes to birth, as without light nothing flowers” - Anonymous

Mayan Calendar crop circle in UK. Photo credit: Lucy Pringle

And who made this? 

Please note; the Shift of the Ages seems to arrive in 2 parts - the pre-shift and the post shift.
Time is not a linear construct, but experienced or perceived relatively.

Excerpt from the 5 star reviews guidebook: "The Shift of the Ages through 2012 and Beyond":


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What Are the Mayan Predictions About?
The winter solstice on December 21 2012 - precisely at 11:11
AM Universal Time - is not a simple, linear end-point in time.
Following Mayan concepts of cyclic time and World Age transitions, it
was considered to signify the completion of a World Age Cycle.

Mayan timekeepers believe that human evolution unfolds as a result
of such precisely calibrated master cycles of time. They predict that the
Earth and humanity are about to be birthed into a new age or reality predicated
to cause a dramatic change or advance if we can understand its meaning in consciousness.
What this new cycle over a period of time has in store for us, is yet a mystery
that will be revealed and experienced as it unfolds...

The Maya
The Maya had a very different civilization than ours. They were not crystal ball gazing
knowing exactly what would happen. Would it mean " end of the world 2012 "?
Well, of course not, but human population is growing at an accelerated
pace while our climate, environment, economies and ecosystems are out of balance.
We rely as peoples worldwide on them to survive. The old world’s mentality,
focused on greed, ignorance, and unconscious consumer materialism,
has reached dangerous peaks and cannot continue for another 50-100
years without life on our planet slowly collapsing. We can also see that
our financial or monetary systems are dissolving.

In this way we are already at a collective cross-road, a moment in time
that is calling out to (each of) us to participate in new ways. Some say we are
being summoned to our true potential or capacity as human beings to bring
inspiration, leadership and empowerment and transforming to our human
civilization to be one of greater harmony – starting with(in) ourselves,
while reaching out to others and Mother Nature as well, the necessity
or possibility for change is certainly at our fingertips like never before,
right now...

Together with spiritual understanding or awakening are perhaps
the most important themes if we are to become more
conscious and aware also of who we are and how
we can participate directly in this transformation process,
from the energies we transmit to the details of our lifestyle
choices. If it is a time where we are catalyzed to awaken to our
personal and collective responsibilities, and have to learn to unify our
purpose with the greater planetary equation beyond the 2012 calendar.

By recognizing we are in an unprecedented global time of change - we can
simultaneously shake off any wounded victim mentality we might have,
and possibly arise as way showers and caretakers of our planet
or future generations. It is about growing up as human beings
and becoming aware of the responsibility we have in order and do the
necessary ground work to birth a New Earth based on new consciousness
that future generations might follow. We can ignore it or try to brush it off
but the more we do, the more we will be wasting precious time.

Are We Approaching the "End of the World?"
 It is said by Mayan elders that the world we are ending is the world as
“we have come to know it” as we return to who we really are.
 The term “End Age or Era” is also linked with another association;
of heralding a time of "trials by fire" or the "end of linear time". No
one can say for sure how valid these claims are or may be.
Considering the scientific research on the Mayan prophecies,
many of the "end of the world" concepts are based more on fear
than on what will actually transpire.
The more conscious we become of the non-linear, 
nature of existence, the more rapidly we may evolve beyond the
 linear end time paradigm. According to the Mayan Calendar system,
it helps that our attention is now brought to the 2012 shift phenomenon.

Beyond 2012 Movies
With regards to the ever-increasing attention on the December 21
2012 date and the popular fascination with the "end of the world"
scenario, it is important to realize that such fantasies are perhaps
projected from our collective psyche. There is an idea or a sense of an
impending retaliation or doom that might come down from Heaven as
an act or will of God to punish us for our sins or misguided human
behaviors as a species. It could also be a collective projection relating
to an old cataclysmic event we may have experienced in a distant past.

Time of Change and Challenge
While it is clear we are living in times of great uncertainty or
imbalance, we also need to stop terrorizing ourselves by spreading
hysteria or rumors that do not assist us in rising to the changes  or
challenges, we are facing. Fear is a primordial trait of our human nature
based on how vulnerable or fragile we are. We need to get our heads out
of the ground and understand that if we allow too much fear mongering
to enter our thoughts, we can easily become shut down, delusional or
reactionary in ways that feed the fear rather than motivate us through
greater discernment and awareness of life and what is to come.

The Looking Glass
When we contemplate what the world might look like way beyond
2012, let us be clear that no one can predict the specifics of how things
will unfold. There is not one path or way that will lead or take us there.
To navigate these critical times of change on Earth, we should learn to follow our
inspirations, for they are our purest guides and can help us in
turning potential chaotic events or destructive paths into something different.

Whether the transformation and changes will come gradually or swiftly,
be positive or negative, depends to a great degree or extent on us.
Any re-booting of our times will not so much come from a date on the
Mayan calendar itself, but from the level of awareness and consciousness
which transforms and transcends the present one which humanity has
"risen up to during the end times”. As we are part of the planet, the shift
is also a part of us.

This is where we are now, collectively and individually...Are you ready?


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