The Shift Gateway - Getting through Changing Times

We are living in an unprecedented time in human history.With so much happening, it is time to take the Shift of the Ages quite seriously...

As we are going through the Shift, the Earth and its people are in for the time of their lives. Have you been wondering what is really up on the planet? Open your eyes or the news channels and you see. You can also perceive, go within, and notice. Many people say that the speed of life - and time itself has increased. If this is indeed true, we can be buried by an avalanche of overwhelm or learn to ride this time. As times change, it is time to make up our minds, whether we want to remain stuck in the "old grooves" of the past or work through this gateway - now- in order to shape the future ahead with the Great Spirit leading the way...through Earth quakes, political, social and personal upheavals etc.

A local, global and universal affair
Some stare in disbelief, fear, love or hate it, but we might as well wake up to the clarion call and awaken to this time that will change many things. Nobody can do that for us or tell us what we are going to do once we figure it out. If we are to navigate the paradigm shift of the ages, we need to find a "bridge", and share it with people who are willing to embrace the new. Most importantly, we might realize that making no choice or change, is also a decision although perhaps an unconscious one. Either way, the best bet is that we are going to (have to) change from within and without. How? 

If you want further info on the unprecedented Shift - that is now in full swing - you can find many hints and some guidance here on how to deal with time, change, consciousness, Self and more... 

If you want to read a brief introduction from the companion guide book, please go here:
The Shift of the Ages through 2012 and Beyond
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